Site Policy

Site Policy

This website is operated by the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (referred to below as “the museum”). When using this website, please be aware of the policy outlined below. Also, please note that the museum may change the website’s terms of use. In that case we will post a revised version of this document, so please verify the most recent information.

Browsing environment

The content of this site conforms to HTML (HyperText Markup Language) 5 and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Level 3, with partial exceptions. If the minimum tagset appearing in HTML specifications can be read, the main information can be viewed in any browsing environment. The style of this site is compatible with a CSS Level 3-compliant browsing environment. Since it is not compatible with browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, content may be rendered with a different appearance (than that of a CSS-compliant environment) when these browsers are used. If you wish to view the site in the style intended, please use a browser that conforms more closely to CSS Level 3 specifications.


Copyrights and other rights pertaining to any content, copyrighted materials (documents, materials, etc.) on the museum’s website belong to the museum and/or the information provider. This content and these copyrighted materials are protected by Japanese copyright laws, treaties and the copyright laws of other countries, and cannot be used outside the scope of private use. In addition, third party use is strictly prohibited in any form, including modification, copying, renting, leasing, selling, publishing, sending, broadcasting, etc., without the permission of the copyright holder. However, if individual usage conditions are attached to an individual work, those conditions take precedence.

Trademark rights

Museum names, company names, service name, product names, etc. posted on the museum website are all trademarks or registered trademarks of the relevant museums, companies or organizations. There are cases where names of products, organizations, etc. are posted on the website to facilitate explanations, but there is no will or intention to infringe on the relevant trademark rights.


The museum takes all manner of precautions with regard to information posted on this website, but we cannot offer any guarantee of contents’ completeness, accuracy, usefulness, safety, etc. The information posted on this website is partial, rather than complete, information on the museum’s activities. The museum may change and/or delete the website’s layout, terms of use, URLs (web addresses), contents etc., or suspend or cancel the operation of the website, without prior notice. Please note that the museum is not responsible for any damages caused by these changes, or by interruption or discontinuation of website operation, regardless of the reason. The contents of websites of third parties (other than the museum) for which links are posted on this website, or which link to this website, are managed by each website’s administrator, and we are not responsible for any damages caused by use of said websites. A link from this website to a third party’s website does not mean that there is a special relationship such as partnership between the museum and the website operator.