Education and outreach programs

The Toyota Municipal Museum of Art offers education and outreach programs targeted at diverse viewers, with the motto of “challenging works made accessible, accessible works examined more deeply, deep works made exciting.”

Gallery tours

Volunteer guides go around the venue with tour participants and view several works together. They exchange thoughts and impressions, helping to deepen understanding of the works and art in general.

Gallery talks that explore the works in depth

Volunteer guides select works from special exhibitions or the museum collection, and look at and discuss them with participants for around 30 minutes. This is a special opportunity to view works in a different way from ordinary tours.

Children’s programs

We conduct workshops, kids’ tours, and exhibitions for children and families, on an irregular basis, mainly during summer vacation.

Note to teachers

Museum tours and class visits for elementary and junior high school students We offer various kinds of museum experiences for children and students, from museum tours to discussions, and can dispatch staff to schools to teach special classes prior to the museum visit. For details, please contact the museum.