Cat’s Narrow Road



Ken Sasaki, Cat, 2017 courtesy of the artist and Gomike

In coming to live with human beings, cats have maintained their wildness without ever being fully tamed. Cats are familiar yet strange creatures in the sense that they are not particularly helpful but they have a strong emotional appeal for their owners. As carnivores, who hunt alone rather than in a pack, cats are like small household tigers with a strong sense of independence and grace.

Throughout history, human beings have exerted a strong influence on numerous species, and driven animals all over the world to extinction. But cats have lived with people many years. And after humans left nature and came to live in high-rise buildings that formed the modern city, cats joined them in looking up at the sky. Over the course of their long evolution, cats have always gone their own way as they move freely between gaps, indoors, and outdoors as they watch, feel, and smell.

In this exhibition, we introduce contemporary artworks that somehow evoke the freedom, wildness, humor, and nonsensical behavior of cats – creatures that possess the ability to deviate from linguistic order as well as a different spatial perception and ethical perspective from people.


In cooperation with Aoyama Meguro, Kayokoyuki, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Sunaki Inc., Take Ninagawa, and Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture

With support from Gemini Laboratory by Toppan, Chubu Color Industries, and Yokohama Chemicals Co.

Held simultaneously at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art and the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art : Tokutomi Mitsuru: Universe on the Table

Held simultaneously with the following collection exhibitions: Small Things: The Cosmos and Cats

Artists: Taro Izumi, Sayako Kishimoto, Hideyuki Nakayama + Taichi Sunayama, Tam Ochiai, Emi Otaguro, Ken Sasaki, Teppei Sotome

Opening hours 10:00-17:30 (Admission is until 17:00)
Closed = Mondays (except national holidays)
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