Joseph Beuys, and in us… under us… landunder…, June 5, 1965, 0-24 hours, Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal, Moltkestraße 67
Blinky Palermo, Hamburg 1973
R: Joseph Beuys, Rose for Direct Democracy, 1973 / L: Blinky Palermo, Untitled, 1974, collection of gigei10 
Joseph Beuys, Eurasienstab, 1968/69, museum kunstpalast, Düsseldorf © Kunstpalast - Manos Meisen – ARTOTHEK
Joseph Beuys, Small Power Station, 1984, The National Museum of Art, Osaka Photo: Tom Carter
Joseph Beuys, Jockey Cap, 1963, 85, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
Blinky Palermo, Untitled, 1967, Kunstmuseum Bonn
Blinky Palermo, Untitled, 1969, museum kunstpalast, Düsseldorf © Kunstpalast – ARTOTHEK
Blinky Palermo , Untitled, 1977, private collection

One of the most important artists since World War II, Joseph Beuys (1921–1986) asserted that true capital lies in the creativity of human beings, and viewing the whole of society as sculpture, set out to change it. This exhibition takes a fresh look at the figurative force of his works, and his artistic practice, starting with Eurasian Staff, his most important work of the 1960s, and including works made from fat and felt, video footage of his “Actions” and drawings.

Beuys is also known for his role in nurturing numerous artists in his capacity as an educator. One such pupil was Blinky Palermo (1943–1977). The modest abstract works that form the legacy of this painter active for just a short few years from the mid-1960s up to his early demise, were an attempt to quietly overturn our perceptions, and social systems, via the visceral experience of color and form, all the while reconstructing the compositional elements of painting.

The works of these two superficially contrasting German artists were alike in that both Beuys and Palermo endeavored to restore art to the status of a raw, live endeavor, Beuys indeed later acknowledging his former student to be the artist closest to himself. Composed primarily of works from the 1960s and ‘70s, “Beuys + Palermo” is the first exhibition of Beuys’ work in Japan for around ten years, and the first-ever public art museum showing of Palermo’s. Exploring the features of each of these two artists, while simultaneously searching for the latent power of their praxis in their involvement and overlap with each other, “Beuys + Palermo” represents a renewed interrogation of the relationship between society and art, in the hope that this will prompt viewers to revisit for themselves the question of what constitutes the human act of art.


©VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2021 E4044

bpk | Angelika Platen / distributed by AMF

bpk | Sprengel Museum Hannover, Archiv Heinrich Riebesehl, Leihgabe Land Niedersachsen / Heinrich Riebesehl / distributed by AMF

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Toyota Municipal Museum of Art; The National Museum of Art, Osaka


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