Arnaldo Pomodoro

[1926 -]

Traveller's Column [1962]

  • bronze

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In 1962 Pomodoro created a pillar-shaped sculpture over six meters in height called  Traveler's Column, producing a sequence of related works over the following three-year period. This sculpture is one of these works. Up until this point Pomodoro had created relief sculptures  resembling paintings, but after the production of  the thick and bulky “Traveler's Column”, his work inclined towards this new direction. Regarding “Traveler's Column”, Pomodoro has said“It speaks of the desire to discover space. I saw the voyager as the new conquistador of the cosmos.”True to these words, through the combination of the contrastive elements of ref lected light, a smooth surface, and a rugged black interior, Pomodoro is attempting to bring movement to sculpture and create space.


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