[1938 -]

Untitled (Cube) [1997]

  • granite 100.0×240.0×240.0cm

Ulrich Rückriem makes his works through a process of cutting stone hewn from bedrock into several blocks before recombining them. In order to make this kind of work, the artist makes a number of drawings in order to explore different ratios. This may seem like a process that can be continued without limit. However, the truth is that the forms that can be made from the blocks are dependent on the different rock types and their various qualities. In addition to the order in which the blocks must be cut, the force required to move the stone and the loading weight must also be taken into consideration. It could be said that the work is just cutting stone into rectangular shapes and then returning it to its original form. However, a careful study of the work leads us to consider the properties of the rock and the processes by which the work was made.

Untitled (Stele) [1990]

  • chalksandstone from Dolomite 180.0×60.0×60.0cm

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〔No Title〕 [1968-97]

  • 588 pieces

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