[1930 - ]

Great White Field Changes in Movement [1965]

  • nails on canvas on wood, acrylic 150.0×150.0cm

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A large number of nails have been firmly nailed upright into this work. We get the sense that a powerful energy has accumulated as the artist used a hammer to pound in each nail individually while envisioning his idea. Yet by being painted white, when the work is viewed from a short distance away it resembles a windswept grassy plain, or changes to an insubstantial place flowing to infinity, like shifting light. Günther Uecker was born in Germany in 1930, where he spent his vulnerable teenage years for the duration of the Second World War and established a studio in the mid 1950s in order to pursue his career. Let us consider this work again. What does it mean to put all these nails in, and what does it mean to paint it white?


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