[1962 - ]

Randoseru Project [1991]

  • cobra skin, harpseal skin, sei whale skin, ostrich skin, caiman skin, hippopotamus skin, great blue shark skin each: 30.0×23.0×20.0cm(8 pieces)

In this work, multi colored randosel (stiff leather backpacks used by elementary school children in Japan), have been lined up along a wall just like a display in a store. The artist, Takashi Murakami, commissioned these randosel to be made from the skins of endangered animals, such as seals and whales, for display as artworks in a museum. Randosel are thought to originate in the opening of the Gakushuin school in Tokyo in 1877. Introduced according to the principle that even children should be able to mobilize quickly during times of war, they were modeled after the backpacks used by members of the military. Even today, the image of the “randosel” is symbolic of innocent Japanese school children. Murakami has said that “These cute “war items” are in complete discord with the morals and righteousness of reality.” Now everyone, would you like to try on these randosel?


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