[1893 - 1983]

Painting [1933]

  • oil on canvas 128.0×162.0cm

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A number of organic shapes with black outlines emerge from a gloomy background of blue and brown. They seem like organisms from the bottom of the sea. Thinking of Miró as a Surrealist artist, we perhaps get the sense that he creates his works from dreams or the unconscious. Yet Miró himself has said that, “I have continued to pursue art that has been stripped of all adornments of fantastical charm or coloration.” In reality, in order to construct this work Miró created a collage by attaching illustrations of a pot, a cup, a stool, a towel hanger, and so on. Each of these everyday items was slightly altered in form, and a point of equilibrium achieved between their placement by a process of trial and error. This kind of creative process was Miró’s pragmatic approach.


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