[1901 - 1980]

Small Miracle [1955]

  • bronze 43.5×45.4×15.9cm

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A figure is about to fall from a raging horse, which has fallen onto its hindquarters. Looking at the horse’s head, it is straining to twist it backwards, as if neighing aggressively into the heavens. As for the rider, both hands have been shaken free of the reins and are thrown into midair, with both legs clinging to the horse’s torso. Horses and their riders are a traditional subject in art. In ancient times, horses were connected to the wilderness, nature, and instinct, and the humans as their riders were an expression of order as they were in control of these forces. However, this rider has been tossed by the horse. It conveys the pain born by the world that had experienced two World Wars, as well as the sense of uncertainty that humanity held about its future. And yet, with the rider somehow clinging to the horse, it is as through Marni is hoping for a “miracle.”

Study for Pomona [1941]

  • pencil and ink on paper 27.5×35.0cm

Young Woman [1938 (cast 1985)]

  • bronze 154.5×44.5×34.0cm

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