[1869 - 1956 ]

Air Attack on London [1940]

  • oil on canvas 45.5×90.4cm

New York Harbour [1924]

  • watercolor on paper 50.1×70.7cm

A Full Moon [ca. 1912]

  • watercolor on paper 29.9×22.3cm

In the Broad [1909]

  • watercolor on paper 24.9×34.5cm

Chelsea Embankment [1909/10]

  • watercolor on paper 27.3×50.3cm

The Tombs of the Scipios [1908/09]

  • watercolor on paper 27.1×21.8cm

"Caumartin Station of the ""Métropolitain""" [1907/08]

  • watercolor on paper 32.1×23.3cm

Kiosks in the Grand Boulevard [1907/08]

  • watercolor on paper 21.6×34.3cm

A June Sunday: Church Parade in Hyde Park [1906]

  • watercolor on paper 19.6×32.0cm

The Oratory, Brompton Road [1906/07]

  • watercolor on paper 18.7×24.7cm

Early Evening, Buckingham Palace [1906/07]

  • watercolor on paper 21.2×30.4cm

Sloane Square: Wet Day [1906/07]

  • watercolor on paper 22.9×30.5cm

Night: Lights in Piccadilly Circus [1906/07]

  • watercolor on paper 32.9×26.3cm

The light from the streetlights is diffused by the mist, which renders the outlines of the buildings and the sense of perspective as ambiguous. The silhouette of a stutue of Eros emerges majestically from this hazy night city. London’s Piccadilly Circus is a busy location even today, as it is the place where several major roads converge. This painting reflects it appearance at the beginning of the 20th century, with people wrapped up in coats and carriages going back and forth.     Makino Yoshio was an artist and essayist from Koromo village (now Toyota city, Aichi prefecture). He moved to London at the end of the 19th century, and quickly became famous for his lyrically painted works of people and street scenes. Makino adored London, particularly the city’s smog that shrouded daily life and transformed it into a fantastical landscape.       This work was published as the frontispiece to a book that introduced the wonders of London. This work exemplifies the qualities for which Makino was recognized as “the painter of mist.”

Autumn [1904]

  • watercolor on paper 25.1×16.5cm

Earl's Court Exhibition [1901]

  • watercolor and ink on paper 23.1×15.6cm

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