Giuseppe PENONE

[1947 - ]

Skin of Graphite - Reflection of Galena [2007]

  • graphite on paper mounted on canvas 400.0×600.0cm

Nail Scratches [1997]

  • plaster, paper dimensions variable

Anatomy 3 [1993]

  • marble, water, pump 130.0×60.0×60.0cm, 738.0kg

Tree Twisting Right [1989]

  • wood 800.0×30.0×30.0cm

Eyelids [1989-91]

  • plaster, charcoal on fabric dimensions variable

Twelve-meter Tree [1982]

  • wood each: 600.0×50.0×50.0cm(2 pieces)

Breath 7 [1978]

  • terracotta 168.0×72.0×65.0cm

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This sculpture is in a shape much like that of a vase. The “breath” in the title leads us to recall the image of craftsmen blowing into glass in order to make it expand. We get the sense that the work exhaled the breath that transformed itself. As the artist imposed the shape of his own body that decorate the surface from top to bottom, we can see that the apex is modeled on a face. The protuberance in the head part thus becomes a negative of the mouth cavity that contains the exhaled breath. The power of life resides in every thing in the natural world. That this energy changes our perspective is the starting point of Penone’s creative activity. Accordingly, the theme of this work is breathing as the root of human activity. Breath is itself formless, but can give form to other things, and in this way Penone is truly breathing existence into his

Maritime Alps - It will go on growing except at that point [1968 (reprint 2004)]

  • gelatin silver print 105.7×70.7cm

Maritime Alps - I wound together three trees [1968 (reprint 2004)]

  • gelatin silver print 105.0×70.5cm

Maritime Alps - The tree will remember the contact [1968 (reprint 2004)]

  • gelatin silver print 105.2×70.7cm

Maritime Alps - Growing it will raise the net [1968 (reprint 2004)]

  • gelatin silver print 105.0×70.3cm

Maritime Alps - Tree, galvanized wire, lead [1968 (reprint 2004)]

  • gelatin silver print 105.7×70.7cm

Maritime Alps - My height, the length of my arms, my breadth in a brook [1968 (reprint 2004)]

  • gelatin silver print 105.8×70.7cm

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