[1943 - 1977]

Untitled (Dedicated to Thelonius Monk) [1973]

  • plywood painted black and plywood with mirror 22.2×89.6×3.2cm

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Untitled [1970]

  • raw and bleached muslin, taffeta, wood 200.0×200.0cm

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There are three horizontal bands of color running across the surface of this work; although it is an abstract painting, it also invites a connection to the scene of a horizon. Nevertheless, these three colored bands of fabric are simply stitched together in an extremely utilitarian fashion. His technique uses mass-produced fabrics intended for ordinary household objects without further alteration. Compared to the process of producing traditional paintings, referring to these as “canvas oil paintings” could reflect a cynical attitude. However, this is a superficial analysis. The artist is searching for the limit of how materials can be transformed into an image. It is for this reason that he selects fabric that can be easily purchased in downtown stores. As a mere “thing,” or moreover, a “commercial item,” with an unaltered “color,” he uses this “color” to form an object. Disrupting several boundaries, Palermo’s special talent is his exquisite sense of balance.


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