[1968 - ]

Shiranui [1998]

  • FRP, polyurethane paint
  • ©NAKAMURA Tetsuya, 2018

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Nakakura Tetsuya studied lacquer at the graduate program of the Tokyo University of the Arts. He was able to develop his own form of creative expression through his study of traditional lacquer methods that bring out the maximum value of the surface processes. Drawing attention to the surface qualities of an object, he consistently produces works that explore the relationship with emotions aroused by form and decoration. This work appears abruptly in the gallery like a fireball. A three-dimensional work of paper mâché, the undulating flames are stylized in a “fire pattern.” Often used as a gaudy decoration on the exteriors of cars and motorbikes to convey the appearance of power and vigor, this pattern has been liberated from the surface it is supposed to decorate and is showcased in and of itself. The work’s title of “shiranui ” refers to the phenomenon of ghost lights that appear over water. While the detailed finish and beauty of the surface overwhelm the viewer, this is simultaneously combined with an ironic point of view.


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