[1935 - 2016 ]

Painting on the Edge Ⅰ [1985]

  • oil on canvas 194.0×142.0cm

Painting to May III [1984]

  • oil on canvas 194.0×142.0cm

Untitled [1981]

  • oil and charcoal on paper 109.0×78.0cm

Plan for Tangent Arc [ca. 1980]

  • wood, mirror 24.0×33.8×8.3cm

arc・ellipse Ⅱ [1980]

  • oil on canvas with a bamboo bow 194.0×130.5cm

arc・green-O [1980]

  • oil on canvas with a bamboo bow 194.0×112.5cm

Study for Arc [1980]

  • oil on canvas 45.5×38.0cm

Hopscotch at the Summit No.0 [1969]

  • oil on canvas 73.5×91.0cm

Compact Object [1968]

  • polyester, scissors, iron sand, magnet, chain, needle, red thread, razor blade, light bulb, cork bottle 15.0×25.0×16.0cm

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Here, an egg—which is the origin of life—is filled with trash, as everyday items such as a chain, a light bulb, scissors, red thread, a bottle, etc., are encased inside an egg shape. Though we can see these items, the space they are in is closed to us and we cannot touch them. This contradictory state of affairs brings a sense of unease, and causes a disturbance in how we perceive ordinary objects. Together with Takamatsu Jirō and others, in 1962 Nakanishi Natsuyuki took part in “happenings” around the Yamanote train line as part of the Yamanote Line Festival, using egg-shaped objects. This compact objet d'art is one from the series of works begun at this time.


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