Salvador DALi

[1904 - 1989]

Average French Bread with Two Fried Eggs without Plate, on Horseback, Trying to Sodomize a Heel of Portuguese Bread [1932]

  • oil on board 16.0×22.0cm

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Two loaves of bread emerge from a dark background. With fried eggs riding on its back, an enraged baguette attacks a defenseless wedge of Portuguese bread unwrapped from its white cloth. There are no people present, and the scene unfolds in a dining room shrouded in darkness. Through it is disturbing, we cannot turn our eyes away from this strange scene, and we get the sensation of descending into our dreams or fantasies. Through his masterful brush handling, Dalí’ s realistically rendered motifs take the viewer by surprise through their combinations. These motifs themselves are also transformed to create the artist’ s unique Surrealist world. Even in this small work, the artist is plainly revealing to the viewer a world that transcends reality. Unbound by logic, this is a mystical, enigmatic world from the depths of Dalí’ s heart, painted according to his precise powers of depiction.


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