[1944 - ]

Working Table -Dining Table for 7 Plus 1 People [1990]

  • Japanese cypress wood, vermilion, water, horse chestnut, betula, ash 80.0×230.0×119.0cm

At the Hawk's Well [1985]

  • Hawk's Well: Katsura wood, zhü(vermilion), urethan, water, Japanese ceder wood, brass, stone Boat of Cuchulainn: Japanese chestnut wood, zhü(vermilion), urethan, stone Boat of Cuchulainn: 78.0×104.0×200.0cm, Hawk's Well: 230.0×400.0×400.0cm

Drawing Table of Madonna [1983]

  • cherry wood 77.0×105.0×78.5cm

Four Legs Board [1983]

  • zelkova wood, steel plate 69.0×167.0×107.0cm

Relief '80-1 [1980]

  • cherry wood 198.0×180.0×7.5cm

Working Table - Sail by Wood [1977]

  • linden plywood 163.0×120.0×145.0cm

a tetrahedron-Cast Iron [1974]

  • iron 85.0×75.0×70.0cm

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