Gustav KLIMT

[1862 - 1918]

Sleeping Lady with Reclined Head [ca. 1915]

  • pencil on paper 35.8×56.0cm

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Study for Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi [1913/14]

  • pencil and crayon on paper 56.5×36.0cm

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Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi [1913/14]

  • oil on canvas 140.0×85.0cm

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Standing Nude Woman in Profile to the Left [1906/07]

  • pencil on paper 56.0×36.5cm

Study for Portrait of Hermine Gallia [1903/04]

  • pencil on paper 45.2×31.6cm

Portrait of a Young Lady [ca. 1895]

  • pencil on paper 39.0×30.5cm

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