[1928 - 1962]

Monochrome IKB 65 [1960]

  • dry pigment in synthetic resin on canvas over plywood 199.0×152.5cm

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IKB (International Klein Blue) is a pure blue that cannot be described in figurative terms. The color comes before our eyes as a substance due to its vividness and the irregularity of the painting surface. Klein sought to awaken our sensitivity through these paintings of color that do not contain even a speck of impurity. For the artist, color is “materialized sensitivity.” The blue paintings are a door to the spiritual world. Through this color, we can try to liberate our sensitivities from this world that is formed by matter. This is because blue is a color that reminds us of the infinite breadth of the cosmos. If we gaze at this painting with undivided attention, the deep blue within the viewer and in the space around us will seem to expand.


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