KUMAGAI Morikazu

[1880 - 1977 ]

Nude [1961]

  • oil on canvas 40.2×52.2cm

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Hairstreaks [1958]

  • oil on board 23.6×32.8cm

Kumagai’s works are known for his so-called “Morikazu style,” which features clearly distinguished, vividly colored shapes with red outlines. At a glance, it may appear that he is merely simplifying the shapes of things. However, looking closely, the red outlines are indented to clearly separate each of the colored areas, and the relationship between the painted elements is quite unclear. As a starting point, the brown section represents the ground plane. So what is inside the yellow puddle? This object is unknown, though what look to be butterflies are flying above it. Amid the apparently simple surfaces of Kumagai’ s pictures, each of the elements is painted with its own individual space and time. Though it has a small surface, the severance of reciprocal connections between the motifs means that we do not tire of looking at this rich work.

Autumn in the Highlands [ca. 1935]

  • oil on board 37.9×45.5cm

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