[1929 - ]

Chair [1965]

  • stuffed sewn fabric, wooden chair 90.0×80.0×87.0cm

Untitled (Chair) [1963]

  • stuffed sewn fabric, wooden chair 87.5×45.0×57.0cm(2010.1再採寸)

No. AB. [1959]

  • oil on canvas 210.3×414.4cm

A pattern of white netting has been painted onto a gray background created by a applying a thin layer of white onto a black ground. This net seems to stretch into infinity, with a thicker application of pigment here and there. Although there is a repetitive monotony, when apprehended in its entirety it creates a quivering undulation. This work is from the series Infinite Nets, begun by Kusama in 1959 when she was based in New York. Emerging from a persistence deep within herself, Kusama’s obsessiveness seems to have been brought out by the environment of New York. We can come to understand Kusama’s unique world through this image of proliferation, made by an act of repetition as though its creator were trying to drive something out.


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