[1943 -]

Bed, Blackboard, Lamp, Rose [1972 (multiple 1975)]

  • bed, blackboard, lamp, rose
  • ©Paolo Pelion, Turin

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In 1974 there was a performance of “Suspended Song” at a Milan gallery. In the performance, a blindfolded, naked woman lay down on a bed and drew on a blackboard that was attached to the headboard. Although difficult to read, the Italian phrase “canto sospeso” (suspended song) is written on the board. We spend about one third of our lives in bed. We do many things there, like dream, make love, and so on. When lit from above, the vertically positioned rose seems to transform it into a vast landscape. The bed becomes a stage, or a great plain. Though there is no blindfolded woman here, each of the components are suspended just at that moment between reality and unreality, which hangs in the air—evoking thoughts of various situations.


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