[1951 - ]

Kitsune-Head [2010]

  • ceramic 18.0×27.0×11.0cm

Miss LI [2002-03]

  • bronze 56.0×47.0×22.0cm

Standing in Blue [1999]

  • oil on canvas 70.6×70.4cm

In Black [1999]

  • oil on canvas 110.5×150.5cm

Over the Gugliano [1999]

  • oil on canvas 130.7×90.2cm

Lying Figure with Face on Miko [1998]

  • glazed terracotta 45.0×109.0×52.0cm

Dolores [1998-99]

  • bronze 115.0×35.0×25.0cm

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With small horns and what appears to be a long tail, a vulnerable looking figure forces their right arm into their own eye. The sculpture is seemingly slender and fragile, yet highly disturbing to our sense of our own bodies. As well as being a common female name, the title Dolores also means "distress" in Spanish. Leiko Ikemura moved to Spain in 1972 to study at the Academia de Bellas Artes in Seville. She later moved to Switzerland, and currently lives in Germany. In recent years, she has expressed her unique, introspective worldview using various techniques in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, and photography. As someone who has endured various difficulties and anxieties moving throughout Europe, Ikemura has discovered a manner of direct expression, and raises questions of personal identity through projecting herself into her work.

Flying on Black [1998-99]

  • oil on canvas 120.5×120.5cm

Lying on Black [1998-99]

  • oil on canvas 80.0×150.0cm

Flying in Black [1998-99]

  • oil on canvas 120.0×120.0cm

A Skier at Lake Maloya [1990]

  • acrylic on canvas 120.0×94.0cm

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